Reliance Granite Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad is a factory which deals in fully fabricated Granite Slabs.

India has one of the largest reserves of fascinating building stones like granite. The Indian stones are a treasure trove waiting to realize its value However, in development and modernization Indian stone industry has been slow and only recently modern methods of extraction and processing have been introduced. Thus, Indian stones have been grossly under marketed. In fact, it could be said that variety and availability is inversely proportional to the manufacturing and marketing of these stones.

RGPL started in the year 1989. It has started as a specializing in Short slabs, finished counters, fabrication, cut to size stone and tiles. One of its factories is located very close to Hyderabad.

RGPL operates Absolute Black and Mist Black quarries. Several Important projects such as Quantas Airlines office in Auckland, Renaissance Building, Malaysia etc have used these materials. RGPL provides a full range of high quality granite to your exact taste and needs. RGPL, Hyderabad produces Granite slabs, tiles, free length and cut-to-size products.