Absolute Black Granite located in Kesamudram Village, Warangal District. The Granite is of gray and white types. The mine spans over 200 metres in length and 90 metres in width. The granite gneisses show alternate bands of mafic and felsic minerals. Dolerite dyke occur in the form of ridge. Quartz veins are of ribbon type having thickness ranging from 5 to 50 cm over a length of up to 100 cm. The thickness of Pegmatite ranges from 10 cm to 1.0 mtrs thickness up to 50 cm. The length of the Dolerite dyke is 237 Mtrs and its width is 70 Mtrs. Dolerite belongs to the hypa byssal type of rocks. There rocks are equivalent to gabbros. In the export building trade industry these rocks are called black granite.

Primary and secondary sawing is executed through diamond wire saw whereas line drills are used for territory (final) separation and block squaring and dressing. High quality chemicals are used to split the blocks. No explosives are used in production operations. This deposit too yields very large blocks.

The Production is around 3,000 cbm per annum in mixed sizes which come in Shades of Dark Black and Black Mist. It is a highly mechanized quarry. Its Machinery includes 2 Excavators, 2 Pneumatic Compressors, 2 Dumpers, 1 Derrick Cranes, 1 Hydraulic Drilling Machines, 1 Wire saw Machines, 1 Generators, , 1 Electrical Compressors, Tippers, 2 Slotters, Gensets, Jack Hammers etc. The quarry employs 35 people. The quarry is being operated since 2000. The blocks are majorly exported to several international destinations including China, Italy, Japan etc and few blocks are sold locally.

Technical Specifications Value
Specific Gravity 2.98 Kg /CBM
Compressive Strength 1694 Kg/CM2
Tensile Strength 140 Kg/CM2